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Who Are We?

Georgian Bay Nordic (GBN) is a racing club for skiers in Grey and Bruce counties whose primary focus is competition at local, provincial and national races. We do not maintain our own trails, but train and ski at Sawmill Ski trails, south of Hepworth, which are maintained by the Bruce Ski Club (BSC). Our ‘home’ is the “Athletic Training Centre” at the Sawmill trailhead (wax shed and storage hut) built by GBN and BSC volunteers, with GBN funds, and with kind permission of the BSC.

Bruce Ski Club (BSC)

BSC is a recreational ski club that develops and maintains three trail systems in Grey and Bruce County: Sawmill, Colpoys, and Rankin. BSC owns the shelter at Sawmill as well as the trail grooming equipment for all trail systems. All GBN members must also be members of the BSC.

Who Joins GBN?

Originally, GBN, founded in 1989, was composed mainly of skiers of high school age who desired more competition than was available on the school circuit. Today, with the keen interest in nordic skiing in Grey and Bruce, GBN also welcomes midget skiers (grades 5-9). GBN candidates should have previous ski experience (i.e., Jackrabbit program graduates, or elementary and high school racers) and a keen interest in racing.


What is the GBN Philosophy? “A Fellowship of Skiers in Pursuit of Excellence”: instilling a love of nordic skiing that will last a lifetime, teaching excellence in ski technique, both classic and skating, good sportsmanship, and racing to the best of one’s ability. This quest for excellence is focused on skiing and racing but also expands to include many facets of our personal and community life. We are fortunate to have such a strong club to help us on our journey.

Which GBN category should your child join?
U16 & U18 OPEN TEAMs

More Information

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